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Inspirational Healing - Emerge Health and Wellness

Feeling lost, stuck or hopeless?

Want to change your life for the better? stop smoking, change unwanted habits, lose weight, manage chronic pain, deal with past trauma or phobias to name a few?

We are here to help! We understand that all of these issues can be challenging to deal with alone. Clinical Hypnotherapy can effect long-term positive change and healing.

Is there something you would like to change in your life? Are you motivated to seek help to make that change…

Hypnotherapy could be the solution you have been looking for to achieve that new you.

Hypnotherapy can assist you to change those unhelpful habits, beliefs or patterns of thought, thus helping you to live the fuller, healthier and happier life that you deserve.

Hypnotherapy uses Hypnosis, a naturally occurring state of relaxation, in combination with therapeutic techniques designed to overcome problems and difficulties…with no unpleasant side effects.

Emerge Health & Wellness offers multiple programs to assist you to achieve your “best self”, to live life joyfully.

Emerge Health & Wellness can help you with…


Quitting Smoking




Depression, Abuse & Past Trauma


Fears & Phobias


Chronic Pain Management




Weight Loss


Ongoing Support & Motivation


Meet your hypnotherapist.

“Inspirational Healer”.

Vicki Allan, the Owner, has combined her 40 years of nursing experience, 30 years working in the Fitness Industry and more recently Health and Wellness and Life Coaching, Neuroscience, Hypnotherapy and NLP qualifications and training together to offer a exceptional, client oriented service.

Vicki is passionate about helping people to achieve their most joyful, healthy, happy life. Dream It! Believe It! Do It! with Inspirational Healing.